Stoked Chick Bank Robber Happily Shows Off On Youtube

Normally I don't do this, but this once I had to make an exception.

The next video you see will more than likely be pulled from youtube as evidence pending trial....

Trial , you say?  Oh yes... In the realms of stupidity, what you have here is a very young girl that could not resist the urge to TELL EVERYONE that she just robbed a bank with a toy gun { and seems quite proud of herself to the tune of Greenday's  " Without Warning" & " I wanna Be The Minority "

Showcasing her " ill gotten gains " , she first waves around a pipe and a dime bag bought with the money she stole from one car, then waves the keys of the car she carjacked to commit another robbery.... Then she takes handfuls of hundreds and waves them around in her best " *** u " happy dance and then tells everyone that she plans on going on a shopping spree. 
  Why did she do it? A little game of charades as she proclaims that it was because they took her baby and charged her with neglect... { which oddly enough, she doesn't seem to be overly upset about as she also states that she has found a purpose - happy smiley face  } 


Needless to say, this video has since led to her arrest { almost immediately} and a 300,000 dollar bond with a court date of Dec.26- Merry Christmas.

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10 Responses Dec 5, 2012

What an obvious dye job. Must be a cosmetology school dropout.

how did you put a video on here.

Here's a silver lining: maybe she'll get her high school diploma in jail...

(I'm working off the presumption she doesn't have one given her very public display of poor judgement!)

So sad to see such a young girl throw her life away. In an odd way, this was a cry for help.

In the article she was giving the " facebook duck face " for her mug shot.

Sometimes you just gotta wonder just how people end up that screwed up.

maybe she wanted to get caught

On the profile this vid comes from {which is hers} she proudly proclaims that she is using the almost 7,000 to pay off her college tuition and then go on a shopping spree with whatever was left.... Whatever she was tokin' went straight to her brain.'re prolly right...she was prolly high

I could only watch the first minute for fear such stupidity might be catching.

Some people are intent on putting the *** in class ;-)

Lost soul.

Lost marbles. Madcap hilarity ensues.

There's an advert for inforced sterilisation if ever I saw one!

&... Uh. But Greenday suck!

lmao what an idiot

You cannot help but laugh at how brazen or completely idiotic this girl is ..