The Shooter Was An Autist?

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The 20-year-old Adam Lanza who on Friday killed his mother and then massacred her whole class, probably suffered the autistic Asperger Syndrome deviation. He was intelligent but socially retarded is what the media say. Normally people with the Asperger Syndrome are maybe a bit socially clumsy; but not retarded! So how the media comes up with this I do not know.
The media showed the wrong picture, directly (of his brother) and figuratively speaking as shown above.
His classmate stated: "He always was at the door in the classroom so that he could slip out quickly. When he spoke, he spat the words out of his mouth, as if speaking was hurting him, a newspaper wrote.
Adam Lanza did everything possible to remain outside the attention. He had no Facebook page and the annual photo of his graduating class isn't there to see. "Afraid for the camera," say former classmates.
According to his former classmates Lanza suffered from Aspergers Syndrome, whether that is correct is doubtable. The Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik seems to suffer from that too. This seems to be correct, why the media make the connection i do not know.
Detectives now are investigating whether Lanza in fact suffered from any form of autistic deviation.
The weapons with which the boy shot six adults and twenty children, were supposedly in the name of his mother. Lanza shot the woman who gave birth to him twenty years ago Friday in the head.
After his massacre Lanza presumably shot himself. Police found the ID card of his older brother Ryan on the body of Adam.
The twenty-four years old brother, Auditor at Ernst & Young in New York, saw his own name passing in the news being a gunman who had caused this massacre at the school in his hometown.
'It was not me!' protested Ryan on his Facebook page, as he realized that it had to be his brother. He rushed to his home in Hoboken, New Jersey. He there was arrested by a police unit and taken in for questioning.

As a European I ask myself how in God's name has someone that young anyway, anyhow.

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When they privatitized the mental health services and stopped confineing the dangerously disturbed it was an inivation towards disaster. Look a t the other wonders of privatization at how well it works for prisons, motor vehicals ,airport charter schools which are no better off ,and garbage collection which has failed to save any municipality any money what soever

Who the **** wrote this ****? While I am sad for the parents of the children that lost their lives I am appalled by this startling revelation that the cause was based upon AS. People with Asperger's Syndrome are NOT socially RETARDED. This INFURIATES me to no end. If you do not understand the nature of a mental condition such as autism or the higher form of Asperger's Syndrome, then you need to do your homework more thoroughly before you go classifying a whole group of people as being mentally " unstable "...

You are right; that is why I mentioned it. I read it and thought; this can't be right. Thank you for your reaction. The words "mentally unstable" came up in another comment. I myself have Aspergers and I do not know of anybody with this syndrome who is mentally unstable. I'll edit the piece. Thank you for your reaction.

Anything that is potenially dangerous be it a firearm or an auto requires the proper background checks . If you get a minor DUI you have greater scrunity than purchasing a firearm in some areas .
However Just focuseing on banning guns however well intentioned is no panacea . After all in Dunblain Scotland thetre was a shooting spree despite the stringent gun control gun laws. Also did not the war on drugs demonstrate futilty of thinking declaring something illegal is going make it dis appear .
Why are people who are a danger to themselves and others allowed to roam around ? Another present from fiscal reactionaries that release the mentally unbalanced to save money. The same folks that believe tax breaks generate revenue so next time a conservative blames the breakdown in society ask where are the funds to house the mentally ill and maybe those folks who signed norqyust pledged ought to fitted for a straight jacket as well