How Is Afraid Of Another Earth?

Finding Earth 2.0 is just a matter of time, and the discovery will likely transform the way we think about our place in the cosmos! Just who would find the idea of a planet orbiting a star that is capable of supporting life offensive ? Well the Christians persecuted Galileo for speculating that the was Earth orbiting the sun, and executed Giornado Bruno for believing that the stars had habitable planets in orbit of them , and once The Reverend Jerry Falwell tried to contend the concept of measly microbial fossils found in meteorites from Mars in a segment on ABC's Nightline!

I am not saying life beyond this planet does not have legitimate criticism.The book Rare Earth does bring up some valid points for the evolution of multi cellular organisms being a rarity , however Privileged planet is pure drivel based on pseudo scientific religious nonsense !! As yet to be honest there are only statistics to indicate that with all planets known to exist that perhaps unless this world is a total fluke life is a possible but not proven definetively !!!

There are secular sources who find the idea life beyond this offensive as well . 1 They find idea of them being insignificant highly offensive 2 There has been numerous false alarms like the Orson Wells radio hoax, and numerous claims like the canals on Mars ,and bat men from the moon. There is a tremendous emphasis in this society on self esteem ,and the value of having an overly inflated sense of self importance and significance .

Then there are the New Agers who see space aliens everyday, and think the massive monuments of certain ancient cultures were built by space aliens . Yes , they were very impressive, but by no means impossible. I know it is hard to fathom how such massive structures were built without modern innovations such as machinery or highly skilled unionized labor !! It was said that an advanced culture is indistinguishable from magic. The more advanced culture can do magic cheaper at times! In fact most folks today cannot figure out how to do a root or power, of any particular numerial without a calculator in hand ,and yet engineers of long ago were able to achieve lighting fast calculations of tremendous accuracy and speed using a measly slide rule!! The Author of the novel" Chariots of the Gods" which claimed spaces Aliens built ancient monuments,Eric Von Dankien was not the first to use a fictional source as basis of pseudo journalism , his was via Lovecraft . Other fictions were used with disastrous results for conspiracy mongers were as follows "the protocols of zion", The report from iron mountain and the racist film "the birth of nation"!

>> Another question is will the concept of an Alien world existing be unsettling to some folks as a potential threat? Will this change any ones mind for the need to maintain an armed citizenry so they can repel an alien invasion via a "Red Dawn "scenario red dawn .? Could anyone actually view Red Dawn as a silly and senseless movie ? Then again some folks might view Chucks the Norris flick "Invasion USA" as equally senseless or Charles Bronson's series of Death Wish Sequels as equally senseless . Even if life beyond the confines of planet Earth is a certainty it seems contact between alien civilizations is as likely as the repubilcan't party platform reflecting reality in a non funhouse mirror matter.

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