Animal Vs. Human

"Animals kill to live. Humans live to kill."
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

It sounds like you're resentful about our stupid mistakes =)<br />
Oh I used to feel the same way. For some reason I've gotten calmer about everything now. The only thing that truly wrecks me is the idea that we're still drilling for oil after the BP spill, after the spill in 1971 and the one by Africa that took 50 YEARS to clean up. What will it take for us to be free of this sick hold on oil? I imagine our oceans to be almost pure oil centuries from now, scarily enough I wouldn't be surprised if it were decades.<br />
And so I am not phased by the idea that we take out a cow or two for food, but when it comes to the environment teetering on edge, I am not a happy camper. Let's put those BP execs in gallons of oil and watch them squirm to survive. <br />
Sometimes... sometimes I just get this ultimate calm though that this is all supposed to happen. As if we are our own creation, as well as our own destruction. When we are gone, yes extinct, believe me it will happen, some other species will do the same. It is only a matter of time. =)

I am a buddhist, we are not allowed to harm any living being.<br />
<br />
We live for the moment, not the past or future.

In general though, it's humans that have torn up the world.<br />
Humans as a race, a breed, a type.<br />
Not an individual, however, I see your point, and its a good one.

But some animals live to kill and some humans kill to live. <br />
<br />
A few humans can live without killing at all.