Never Give Up

Never give up
            Just know the right times to let go
Never stop believing
            Just make sure you believe in the right people
Never lose hope
           Just accepot the idea that you can’t succeed at every battle and move on
Never let things get to you
           Just learn from your mistakes and make it through as best you can
Never lose
            Just try yourbest and you already are a winner
Never let anyone ever hurt you
            Just don’t let any of that get to you 
Never settle for who is “good enough”
           Just wait for the one who is so good you don’t want to lose them
Never stop trusting everyone
          Just trust someone you know you should because everyone needs someone to trust 
Never chase after someone who isn’t waiting for you on the other end
           Just appreciate the ones who already are there
Never say you are all alone
          Just realize that you had that one person there all along,everyone always has someone 
Never tell yourself you didn’t do something because it was impossible
          Just know anything is possible and even if you didn’t accomplish    something it doesn’t mean you could nothave
Never regret anything that happens to you
          Just understand everything happens for the better somehow
Never say you hate someone
         Just know that it is easier to say you hate someone than to mean it
Never complain about what seems to be bad
         Just look for the good in your situation and you will find there is always more positive than there is negative
Never feel guilty for an accident
         Just have good intensions and nothing you ever do is wrong
Never call yourself weak
         Just see that everyone has strength but it’s up to you to use it

Never say the word can’t...
        Just know you always can do all the aboveand more...
MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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5 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Wonderful words to live by.

Me too Paco, ,me too.

Sorry I took so long to read this.<br />

Thats so encouraging

Well said! Never chase someone who isn't waiting for you, Felt like this message was written for me. Thanks for this wonderful post.