What do the word quintessence and the movie The 5th element have to do with each other? I learned about the the word quintessence when Aristotle was asking his students about the nature of the universe. "What is everything made of?" The 4 elements was the answer. Earth, wind, air and fire. Well the question was, that is the one thing. The 5th thing that makes all what it is? The quintessence. The pure form of something. I believe in God. That is my quintessence. God is love and He created all. In the movie love was the 5th element. Love is the quintessence of the universe. Life
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1 Response Sep 2, 2010

God is the original source of the love since he created a world/universe for us to live in and loves us all for eternity. Love is the answer to all the problems. If you think about it, love brings good to every situation you can think of. Right now i am loving your words and your thoughts and your depth. Love is multiplied when shared. Love flows out in vibes into the universe touching and connecting us all to each other :) xox