Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.
            -- Erica Jong,
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Jealousy is natural emotion, we need to learn how to manage or work on it.

Good one.

Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

......seasoned with your own insecurity



This phrase would make some men less jealous

fear is self love, just maybe its more about capability or culpability yet. well just decide your right and there right for think up strange things. and then go out and have some fun being duped by greatness. being intellectual is not in it self, being intelligent.

This is a great quote! Women tend to feel so insecure and torture themselves mentally with jealousy.

I am glad you like it mrsmiss


I agree with can't go wrong with Erica Jong....GREAT post


Someone else said jealousy is a form of love. I have also heard that it is fear.