A Great One

“When a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package”

John Ruskin / British Author/Poet and Art Critic
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Snookybear- you are 100% right! :)

If more men followed my lead and focused on the pleasure of the female I bet that alot more marriages could be saved.

Thanks Mother!! <br />
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LOL@lostbutfinding<br />
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foolishme- thanks! I hope it made you laugh :)

cuddlyfella- LOL <br />
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Scoobs- yep small :P

~small package~ :-P

teeeheeeheeee gives me something to be mindful of. thanks :O)

Thanks De :)

welshbabe- You are very welcome! It was too funny not to share :P<br />
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mystikRage- Amen!!

Lmao!! :) oh!! yes soooooooo!!! true :) thank you for posting!!! SB :)

You are absolutely right Quartet :)

Thanks Quartet! It was one I couldn't pass up sharing :)

Thanks Brut and soo damn true :)

That is a great one, snowy!