Traveling Through Life

Got this from a friend via E-mail.

I hope it gives you a smile.

It made ME laugh.

My thanks to Sue Littleton, for sharing this.



I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots.  Apparently, you can't go alone.  You have to be in Cahoots with someone.

        I've also never been in Cognito.  I hear no one recognizes you there.  I have, however, been in Sane.  They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there.  I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work.  I live close so it's a short drive.

        I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore.  I have also been in Doubt.  That is a sad place to go and I try not to visit there too often.

        I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm.  Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older.  One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense!  It really gets the adrenaline flowing and pumps up the old heart!  At my age I need all the stimuli I can get!

        And, sometimes I think I am in Vincible but life shows me I am not.  People keep telling me I'm in Denial but I'm positive I've never been there before!  I have been in Deepshit many times; the older I get, the easier it is to get there.  I actually kind of enjoy it there.

        So far, I haven't been in Continent, but my travel agent says I'll be going soon.

        Wishing you all safe travels!
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Thanks for sharing and thanks for making me smile!

And than YOU for taking the time to visit and read and comment.

Nice :-)


This TOTALLY ROCKS!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE stuff like this! I know one's best some air freshener with you when ya visit "deepshit" Stinkiest darn place I've EVER been!! :D I don't ever recall being in Denial either.....maybe nobody does!! :D

Glad to make you smile; and I agree, good strong deodorant and a nose plug is totally necessary when you are in deepshit.