Sermon On The Mount (revised)

"Okay, here's an idea.  You love them, like I loved you. Feed them, clothe them and shelter them, and let me deal with judging them."

"But, what if they're gay or worship other Gods?"

"Did I stutter?"

(Taken from Pinterest.)
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3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

Loved it!! :D "Be nice" two little words that could make the world a wayyy better place if folks could just learn to be that way!!

If only. Two more words that say folks probably won't learn.'re right....bummer....:(

Gosh I love you, no wonder we are friends ! ( laughs, as yesterday she was a BIT judgemental, and it's still bugging her ) You are the greatest, peace. ( secretly knows she just TOLERATES her friend.......) yours in loving kindness. Kath

You were judgmental? Or I was? I didn't see anywhere that you were judgmental , so it must be me. Wanna tell me where I did it, and I will immediately go and apologize to whoever it was I was judging.

I was the judgemental yesterday's story.... I was a bit unkind toward men who buff up, then post their chests for all to see. Bless your heart, YOU are not a bit judgemental.......

AMEN ....... And Amen again and again. I loved starting the day with this ! Some folks make spirit so complicated. It really is as simple and basic as the golden rule. ( Works for ME anyway ) <br />
A ton of blessings on your sweet head, Peaceplease. Oxo, kathie

Yeah, I think some people just don't understand two simple words, *be nice*. Is that so complicated? It's not up to me to judge anyone. I certainly do NOT want to be judged. I'm a flawed, though loving, person. I just want to be accepted, and NOT tolerated, either. If people appear to be tolerating me, I leave. All it takes is a certain look in their eyes, and I'm out of there, ASAP.