Ups And Downs

    Ok, just some thoughts as I rode my bicycle yesterday which I wanted to share. As I rode through the hill filled roads which make up most of my state, I realized how much a bike ride around here was like life itself. There were many stretches of road that were uphill, some long and gradual, some short and steep. Like life we all have our uphill struggles, whether lost love, financial difficulties, job related issues, etc. As I pedaled up these hills I was always aware that on the back side of these ups, there would be a downhill ride where my muscles would get a chance to relax a bit, and I could catch my breath and replenish the much needed oxygen. In our daily struggles, we must take a moment to think about these down hill rides when they do come, and appreciate the "down time". Giving thanks for the moments of relaxation, and the feelings of exhilaration. As my muscles and joints ache today, I'm reminded that my heart still aches sometimes for various reasons, my life situations have not disappeared, and they still burden me day to day. I do have faith that these issues will, in time, heal themselves in one way or another. Like the downhill ride on the backside, there is always something on the other end of the road to look forward to, even though the hill seems insurmountable at the time, it is important to keep this in mind, and just put it in a lower gear and persevere. This little story is not unique to me alone, many I have met here, and in my daily life have these same uphill struggles. There are those I have met through my job over the last year who are wheelchair bound, and their attitudes are better than most of us. When I sign on to EP I know that I will find common bonds with so many, I try to relay positive vibes even when I'm struggling to keep focus on my own "bike ride". To all who may read this ; remember, and be thankful for, all the good things you do have, all the good times you have had, and all the good things that are inevitable in the future.  A favorite yet obscure movie line, which I for some reason remember, is from "The Outlaw Josie Wales" starring Clint Eastwood. An old Native American with a Abe Lincoln style top hat said "I shall endeavor to persevere". look up the literal meanings of these two words someday, then maybe get on your "bike" and go for a ride. 
     I hope this gives a little perspective to some, like me, who forget to be grateful for the things we do have, and the loved ones who surround us whether here or in our immediate lives.   Live, Laugh, Love.  DG 
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1 Response May 17, 2012

To give inspiration we need to look to our own life to find it. You have found a great way to produce that here.. With the work you do as well as the way your words seem to flow there will be many more like this.. <br />
Thank you DJ..

Oh and the bike inspiration.. I have heard it before, you just added a personal touch to it.. I like..

(((hugs))) right on back to you..
Your welcome.. :)
I do that kind of thinking when I am on the Gazelle, its a walking kind of thing.. a friend left it behind so I am now using it to try and loose these extra pounds. It is working so far.. I do not live in an area where you just can go out and walk for miles.. See that is how I see my little miracles and say Thank you Lord for them little ones.. they are just as important as the big ones.. :)