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Lost In The Chaos

It seems to me that so many folks get caught up in the sound and fury of everyday so easily. Even I tend to get caught up in the moment every so often, and it is not a flaw, but it can distract us from what is really important. I try, most of the time, to keep in my mind that there is a higher self, and that I must not lose sight of that. We can be above so many of the petty things that drag us down on a daily basis. We become lost amidst all of the Chaos of everyday, but that need not be a permanent state.

The higher self feels the pressures of life, but remains un-affected by the turmoil those pressures create. Think of the Empty Mind technique. You are a still reed, you move with the wind and the water, but are un-affected by its fickle moods. Be the reed, bend with the World, but be unfazed by it. Do not allow life to drag you down.
Slidehammer Slidehammer 36-40, M Aug 12, 2012

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