Eight Verses Of Thought Transformation

This can apply to anyone...

When others, out of hate or jealousy, mistreat me with abuse, slander and so on, I will practice accepting defeat and offering the victory to them ...

When someone benefited and in whom I placed great trust, hurts me badly,
I will practice seeing that person as my supreme teacher.

By... Dalai Lama 


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In our culture,this is done so we learn how we don't want to be.We are our own student that learns from people that are not true to themselves in family and with friends!
Big bear hugs doll beauty. Supreme impostors not truthful,living a fantasy life!

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I agree hon, hugs Carl
takes time never too late ;)

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EXACTLY . . . thank you for getting this out there . . . love ya . . . 8D

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You do this because it helps you grow.Both see various traits as a mirror.That need to change.

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it depends on what level in life you are at
can apply to almost anyone,if you're ready
why it is profound internal wished
supreme teacher

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Hmmm. I don't think so.

You believe what you like ...thankx ~

words of wisdom, apply it here

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