Inconvenience Isn't Necessarily A Hindrance

"The spirit of our age, whether expressed in athletics, business, politics or marriage, maintains that commitments should be honored only while convenient. When a commitment becomes inconvenient, bag it ... Generally speaking, our society believes that only one commitment sounds good: The right to be happy ...
A boy who has a father who is committed to his mother will have a tremendous advantage when he becomes a husband. He will have an intuitive understanding that his commitment in marriage is not a right to be happy, but to demonstrate a willingness to be responsible. Even when it's inconvenient. Even when it crowds out his personal happiness."

I found this quote buried within my old Word documents.
I will add that if one is responsible, a deeply embedded sense of happiness may be closer than what one imagines. A lot of wonderful things are beyond our imaginations, beyond ourselves. I am open to the belief that collective happiness, mindfulness of other people, can far outweigh isolated individualism.
Let's all fight the good fight.


DustToAshes DustToAshes
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Feb 4, 2013