This is Life: the ups & downs, the anxiety, the fear, the worry, the tears, the need to be held, the feeling okay, the tiredness, the dilemmas, ...diving-in-anyway, ...and transforming.

Doing our best, trying, letting that be enough, and trusting that we will be loved, anyway.

It is years of getting up, stepping forward, moving even when the fear gets so intense that everything in life feels somehow wrong, and it’s not fun; so it’s easy to think, “What for?” ...and –STILL putting in the work.

The intention and work:
to love.
to forgive.
to start anew.
to tell someone your truth.
to remain strong in the face of pessimism and fear.
the work of having patience and compassion.
to shed the tears that are waiting to be shed.
to support one another.
the work to keep trying.

And becoming aware that when something feels light, it's right.

"All of this courageous work. All of this life and living.

All of it, every second–worth it". K. Swoboda

This truly speaks for me today...

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