i don't worry or care what others think of me.people will ask if GOD spoke to him in 2000,why did it take so long for so little to come out.when the Lord spoke to me in 2000 and told me it's his will that he has let me become AWARE of.i thought this is tell people you know the Lord's will.that he has shown ,told you and let you see the end result,good and/or bad of every decision you made and make in life.they want to and do put you on's hard even for me to keep but i think you're seeing people getting away with crimes including murder.pervert priests and all the other sick **** going on some practically unpunished makes it hard.when i proved my faith.when i became aware and acknowledged God's presence in my life.i knew it is only him to fear.i am in heaven.heaven and hell exist here on can live in either.we make our own destiny in this life.friut and good living empathy and giving will enable you to enjoy this world better.

barryd31 barryd31
46-50, M
Mar 13, 2010