I'm Not Even Sure What To Call This...

But my god, is it delicious... I guess it's a Black Bean Fried Rice, that's the closest description I could find. It started with my black beans and rice dish, which I cooked Hillshire Farm turkey sausage with it. Then I bought a package of frozen potatoes o'brien (on sale for $1.99!! It's like a 2 pound bag! ^_^), to have for breakfast one day, not thinking of combining the two... Well, I couldn't figure out what to have with my sausage beans & rice in the fridge, but I surely wasn't about to throw it out. So while the potatoes & peppers were finishing up, I tossed a nice scoop of beans & rice into the pan. Stirred until heated, and slid the mix to the side; topped it with fresh sliced tomatoes, so it can be warming gently, instead of cooking directly on the heat. I crack two eggs on the other side of the pan, sprinkle with salt, pepper, dill, and scramble until just done, then mix everything together until heated though. Plate it, and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top.... O.O omg, it was so good, I've prepared this... junkyard dish at least 4 times now, it's incredibly tasty and inexpensive too. ^_^
Infinite9 Infinite9
70+, F
May 16, 2012