Easy Zucchini =)

On my quest to find veg-friendly dishes and incorporate those into my daily meals, I've really been wanting to add zucchini to my "go-to" list of vegs. They're super inexpensive, good for you, and usually can be found all year round. But I don't have many uses for it, and the ones that I have heard of, take a bit more prep than I'm willing to do. But I found this recipe on youtube today, that doesn't even require oil! ^_^ All you need is a pan, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.

I chopped my zucchini into chunks and tossed it in a pan on medium high heat. Let it brown for 5 minutes, add some salt and cook until it renders a little bit of juice, and softens. Toss in the garlic (minced or sliced), stir for 1 minute, then add a splash of vinegar and stir until the moisture is evaporated, about 60-90 seconds.... And it's actually good!
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My sweetie will slice them like a cucumber but on the diagonal and use them instead of pita bread as dippers for hummus.<br />
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She also makes a zucchini and parsley soup using vegetable stock. Season with a tiny bit of garlic, salt and pepper, simmer on the stove until tender transfer to a blender, blend and serve with a carrots cut on a bias with melted gruyere and paprika.