Bagel Treats

I came up with this idea one day when I was craving something sweet and went scavenging through the kitchen. First, take a plain bagel and open it up. Put it in the toaster until it is hot and browned. Spread Chocolate cake frosting on open toasted halves. Top with reddi whip and enjoy. I love these things!! It is kind of like a doughnut but it's not fried. Also you can vary this recipe with flavored bagels and different frosting. Currently I am on Cinnamon swirl bagels with butter cream frosting, no reddi whip on this one though. Kind tastes like a cinnamon roll. Just thought i would share, enjoy and have fun with experimentation.
nightman420 nightman420
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1 Response Jun 14, 2012

This sounds super yummy! i so have to try it have you tried begals with butter suger and a lil bit of cinimen ( i csnt spell) and heat it up for like 10 Secs. in the microwave its so good!! :3

that does sound good, like cinnamon toast but on a bagel instead.