Archway Cookie Sandwiches

I prefer to use Archway cookies because of their perfect size, variety of flavors and they freeze just right.
I like chocolate chip cookies..Praline ice cream.
2 cookies  & your favorite ice cream.Load up your cookies sandwich very generous  with any ice cream you want. Low cal, sugar free  and low fat is also delicious.

Press the sandwich together, roll the cookie on it's side where the ice cream is buldging out,  on a plate of coconut, maybe chocolate chips, crushed nuts, butterscotch chips, granola ..anything you want to create. Mix and match your flavors. Kids love making this treat. Make sure you pop them in the freezer after each cookie is made. I use a freezer container. They won't last long because they'll be eaten up FAST. 
This is wonderful for outside parties. Looks great too. Bon Appetite
wiseowl wiseowl
61-65, F
Aug 2, 2012