Mulled Wine Recipe: An Embrace To Enjoy While Outside It's Snowing

Though i live in Italy I come from a city that has proper winter. It gets really hot in summer, but is chained by alps and Switzerland is just a 30 minutes short ride away. Yesterday it was city's patron day, Saint Ambrogio's day. According to the legend, the man fought devil and cause him to crash a horn in a stone column. You can actually see the holes of devil's horns in the church dedicated to the saint. It really impressed me when i was a child. Anyway, Saint Ambrogio's day means three things: La Scala's Opera theatre opening, ski season opening, and the Milan's fairy, called O Bej O Bej (dialect for: Oh my it's beautiful). What does Mulled Wine has to do with this? Well, easy to explain. In order to raise some cash, some teenagers might put up some stand to sell Mulled Wine to the fairy visitors. Saint Ambrogio's day is also the first snow day. I've never bought it on the street, but my mum always make it in this season. I felt a little nostalgic, called her and have the family recipe. If you haven't tried yet i suggest you to do it. We call it 'Vin Brullè'. It's perfect to warm up in a winter day, it cures soared throat too and it's better than chicken soup :) You'll gonna need:

- 1 L of red thick good common wine (the color has to be very dark, the taste has to be strong and the price reasonable, cause you need to cook it. Pinot Noir, Vino Nobile Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Nero d'Avola, Negro Amaro, Cannonau, Primitivo di Manduria are good common italians thick reds. As American's i know Sutter Home Californian Cabernet-Sauvignon is around 6$ a bottle and perfectly fit with this recipe)

- 1/2 a cup plus 1/3 a cup of sugar (200 g)

- 1 lemon

- 1 orange

- 1/2 wildnut to be grated

- 8 cloves piece

- 2 cinnamon sticks

First prepare all the spices. Grate the half wild nut, break a little the cinnamon. Peel the orange and the lemon, just the colored part, BE CAREFUL to avoid the white (it would give a bitter taste to the wine). Add the cloves. In a pot, place first the sugar then the spices on top. Then pour the wine. Light a very low flame and stir until boiling point. Let it boil for five minutes (the sugar has to melt completely). Then place a flame on the surface (i use regular lighter) and let the wine ignite. Let the flame on the surface burn till it will blow off. Serve filtering the liquid while it's hot in ceramic mugs, be careful in use regular glasses, cause the liquid could break them. Do not use anti-aderent pots to cook the wine.
Alla salute :)

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Well, La Scala is a huge hint, not to mention the alps nearby, the saint and the name of the city itself :)

It's so fine when the waether is frozen...
You give some desire to visit your country !
And then I know where you live now...