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Something Different About This Day

I read a very unusual story of EP today and it brought memories back to an experience I had several years ago. I was working at a church daycare and was on my lunch break the children has just began napping. I decided to go and sit in the sanctuary for a little peace and tranquility something that the teachers including myself did quite often after we had eaten our lunch. This time seemed no different than any other. I walked into the sanctuary and sat down on the front pew to relax and collect my thoughts.

Now we all have heard strange sounds coming from the sanctuary before but never really gave too much thought to it. Most of us just left it up to the idea of the building just settling, which seem like the most reasonable explanation. So when the creeks and cracks began to make their usual noises that day I quickly dismissed them and continued to try and settle my mind and maybe get in a five to ten minute nap. I remember sitting of the bench and leaning over with my head lowered towards my lap trying to get comfortable. Just recently I was involved in a conversation where someone mentioned that they believed that the sanctuary was haunted but I pretty much laughed it off. Not to mention I was also a member of this church and have heard similar conversations with other members pertaining to this subject. Well this particular day as I was sitting on the bench trying to relax, I suddenly felt a specific presence of what appeard to be something cool come and sit down right next to me on the bench. It was as if something very coolish very physical and yes invisible came and sat ride beside me and was checking me out. I know this sounds crazy. I did not panic, I did not scream, I just quietly got up walked to the door and excuse my french got the hell out of there.

I quietly walked back around to where the classes were. It was still break time and some of the teacher were gathered in one on the middle classes and I deiced to join them. I can't remember the actual conversation that was going on. But one of the teachers interrupted and made a comment to one of the other teachers could you please tell her to stop, she's been doing it all day. She was referring to one of her female students who was around 3 or 4 years old. The other teacher quickly responded to the child and suggested to the child to be quiet and go to sleep. It was nap time. I asked the child's teacher what was she doing. I looked down towards the child she was talking about while she was laying on her mat and noticed that the child's head was raised up and she was waiving her hand towards the entrance of the daycare. She was just waiving and smiling. I asked the child who was she waiving at? her teacher replied she says she sees her daddy. Well maybe this would not seem strange to most people because children are known to have active imaginations. What was strange is that this child's father had passed away a few year ago. Now keep in mind this child was around 4 years old which means her memory of her father may have been limited. So I asked the child again who are you waiving at, who do you see there. She said my daddy. Me with my crazy asked what was her father wearing. She said he has on a black dress. Okay so now my mind is now booming. I then began to share with the other teachers about what i had just experienced while I was in the sanctuary, explaining that I was sitting in the church when I felt what was like a cold presence come and sat down right beside me. They looked at me and the child and I guess began to get a little freaked out. Well being a child of God meaning, Christian, the only thing I thought to do was not freak out and I simply said to the child look, tell your dad, go on now, you are alright and surprisingly after a few more glances from the child towards that area she eventually drifted off to sleep. But it made me think that maybe it was her father coming to check up on his little girl. He did leave her while she was very young. Why he picked that day to come I have no idea. We never had any experiences like that from this child. But who knows. And yes this is a true story whether you believe me or not. That's simply up to you and your imagination.
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It might well have been a departed soul desperately trying to communicate his need for prayers on his behalf.