A Humble Lesson

this is a story in poem form for it is what I experienced in an earlier part of my life. I was homeless in Chicago and there was a group of us and one day this appliance store thru out all these refrigerator boxes so it was like hitting the lottery for it was winter, In fact right at Christmas time so having them alone for shelter was a blessing. what I experienced the next morning has stayed with me since then and I would like to share it with you now. Normally I share this story around The Christmas holidays but at my age one never knows if tomarrow may come as I have seen far to many younger then my 61 yrs. be there one day and gone the next. This is about one couple that was in this group. I have forever been humbled by their love for eachother and their fellow human beings
I hope you enjoy it and take something out of it that you can share with others.

The Plight before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
and they had not a house
just a cardboard box
for a man and his spouse
with sleeping bags and blankets
they tucked in for the night
becuase tomarrow was Christmas
so they thought not of their plight
they each had the other
thats all that they needed
and reflected on words once they had heeded
for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health
they shared a love for eachother
and knew the true meaning of wealth
then came Christmas morning
and what do you know
they hugged and they kissed as they trudged thru the snow
they wouldn't eat turkey or one piece of ham
but shared bites of a sandwich from eachothers hand
they walked passed the shelter
where they could have had quite a meal
but just looked at eachother and said...
it's no big deal
maybe their servings just might be eaten
by some abused woman who always was beaten
or maybe by some less fortunate others
like some homeless children clutching their mother
they felt that their places would better be served
by those who had nothing and really deserved
a good Christmas meal and friendly company
for they had eachother and what more did they need
they got back to their box and neither was sad
for it was Christmas and they knew what they had
love for eachother and all those around
in the harshness of life the spirit of love still abounds
they snuggled together and held eachother tight
then said these words together..
Peace on earth, good will to all and to all a good night !
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That was awesome, a true treasure, it should be published for all to read, you are very talented! A wonderful picture of true love and the true meaning of Christmas and Christ's love!

Thank You, I love to write and have looked into getting published but as all things it seems thay want a bunch of money first.
I relive that day alot when things sre not going well and It aklways makes a difference.

You should send it in to a newspaper or magazine, they would publish it especially at Christmastime! We all need to be reminded of what is important in this world!

I will try that. Thank you for that thought !

You are welcome, also try "Focus on the family" magazine or any Christian magazine, they would publish it for sure!

Bless You !

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That was a beautiful story of hope and love coming out of despair. May God bless you on your journey.

Thank You and may God bless you in every way he can.

That's a beautiful story!

o my im crying