The Seed

my story of what I would tell that ASpecial one should we meet and there is still time to reach the end of the story. In Poem form.

The Seed...

The moment you came into my life
was as if a new seed had been planted
one of the mighty oak
who's roots only spread out-
to make it stronger every year
those roots you have spread
have an everlasting hold on my heart.

As the oak grows it sprouts fresh branches
these are the memories we shall cherish
for as each moment we share-
will become a new branch
and each branch will reach out-as if a place to rest our burdens on.

We are yet in the spring of our love
just as the oak's leaves burst from the buds
so will I thrustr myself-into your arms with my love
as the showers quench the thirst of the oak
I will shower you with all the joy-my heart can give

In the summer of our love we shall have shade
each year that passes will allow us to have more shade
so our hearts can stay cool-
and not allow any heated words
just as the leaves protect the barkfrom-
the glare of the sun

When fall comes
the changeing color of the leaves
will remind me of another colorful year
of our love for eachother
as the leaves fall to the ground
I shall always remember
How I fell in love with YOU !

By JustaPirate1
JustaPirate1 JustaPirate1
56-60, M
Sep 7, 2012