Recenty Found Out

I recently found that I like to **** myself, I don't mean just a wet fart, I mean out and out **** myself. I came across liquid glycerin suppositories and tried them, wow! first on the toilet, then I thought I'd like to see how long I could hold it. so I thought I'd better wear some kind of safe underwear, you know the "adult" kind for people who have certain problems. well during one of my trying to hold it times........well I didn't. the feeling of standing there ******** was amazing, with the use of the glycerin there was no way I could stop it once it started, the complete lose of control that went on for what seemed like forever was mind blowing. Yes better than ******* my wife's hot *** and blowing a huge load in her *** hole, well maybe not? but one of the most amazing feeling you could ever have. when I'm done just pull of the **** filled underwear and through them away.
Duggindung Duggindung
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2013

I like ******** myself, I do it in my jeans everyday.