Mastering The Trajectory

Firearms are tools and using them properly and safely requires training, skill, and practice.

I enjoy firing both handguns and shoulder fired weapons. In my time I have had the opportunity to become proficient with both belt-fed weapons and magazine fed long guns as well as combat handguns. It has been a wonderful experience learning the trade and craft and the way of the gun.

People that are afraid of guns...of weapons.... seemingly don't understand or know that these inanimate objects cannot do anything by themselves. Cars are not being banned despite the high number of automobile related deaths. Doctors are not being banned from practicing medicine despite killing many people in mis-diagnosing diseases.

I hope to continue to have the opportunity to enjoy firearms and range time without having to worry about Congress sending someone to come and collect my weapons. Stop the insanity and treat the insane. Banning guns won't stop killings.
shakespeare33 shakespeare33
Jan 10, 2013