i just started shooting a real gun. it's a 22 riffle. i can hit a shot gun shell casing floating down river within 3 shots at quite a distance and my fiancee just put a scope on it today. he also lets me shoot his 20 GA shotgun whenever i want be i don't like the fact that it's so loud!

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Looks like a Savage Model 60 - A fine gun!
Try the electronic ear muffs. They cut out the blast noise without hindering your conversation.

A .22 is great for plinking.Great gun for any shooter to start with, provide there's good instruction & you have a good place to shoot one, rifle-style or pistol-style. <br />
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Be safe. Aloha! :)

22's are great they are fun and easy to shoot and the lessons learned apply to larger calibers.<br />
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I often train with a .22 AR-15 clone. HK 416, it very close in weigh and feel to a real AR an you can train your muscles (muscle memory) a lot less expensively than shooting 5.56.

I started with a .22 as well. I used to be in the boy scouts but they wouldn't let me shoot handguns. I went with my guidance consular. I worked my way up from there, and now I've shot pretty much any handgun caliber i can think of. I love shooting its a blast. (no cheesy pun intended)

I feel like a dummy. Forgot the digest the .22's.