Aldi Panini Maker

I really like shopping at Aldi. There have only been a few things I've tried there that I didn't care for. The cereals, pasta mixes, boxed snacks, and some of the frozen foods don't appeal to me, but there is so much there to love. I wish they had more dried beans and such, like split peas, lentils, and barley. If so, I don't think I would do much food shopping anywhere else. They always have some good looking fresh vegetables and meats, and the canned chili beans and chili ready tomatoes are SO good and only about 60 cents each. I get my ground meats and fish there as well. My son absolutely loves the holiday windmill cookies in the blue box with almond slivers and I am addicted to the fire roasted hummus. When I was shopping there today I picked up the Crofton Panini Maker that's on sale this week. I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it is good quality. I love Christmas shopping at Aldi too...They always have yummy candies and cookies, and nerf toys, legos, and transformers. I even got a nice bed pillow there. I hope they continue to expand their product lines. I was happy to find 1 liter bottles of plain seltzer water for 69 cents today also. Previously all I'd seen were the flavored ones.
ampand ampand
41-45, F
Jan 7, 2012