Finally Telling Someone!

I like buying panties and pantyhose because of a fetish for them, for the 1st time I bought a pair from an auction site and am going to buy more, a new world opened up, I would have never been open and posted about my fetish for panties and pantyhose...

If anyone is interested the site I bought from is, I found them from a site called they did a review, reading the review actually made me finally except that I have a fetish...
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Thanks for the comment, do appreciate it!

Good for you. A harmless fetish like this rarely hurt anyone if kept discreet. Yes, go for it & go to a shop, look & feel the material & buy some.<br />
I must say it takes some time & occasionally money, to decide which style is right for you, it did for me anyway.