Sometimes It Has To Be Just About Me!

My daughter and I were out shopping together.  We both love scented body sprays, lotions and body washes. It has become an addiction for us.  We were spritzing different scents inside Victoria's Secret when I spotted a few sexy numbers across the wall that I wanted to try on. 

Some of the pieces were just really pretty and girly and while others were quite sexy and seductive.  My 10-year old fashionista and stylist says to don't have a husband anymore.  You don't need to wear this stuff!  Why bother?

I said to her, Baby, sometimes it's all about me and me only.  I love the smooth silky feel of beautiful lingerie on my skin. Sometimes it makes me feel better wearing it as I go about my busy days even if it's only you and I that get to see me wearing it! 

She relents and says okay..but this stuff is not cheap.  You said we're on a budget now so make sure you don't spend too much that you don't leave me with enough money to buy  my clothes at Hollister!  LOL! 
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Jul 22, 2010