I Love To Shop

So I have been shoppping for womans panties and lingerie for about 5 years and the first time i have ever tried anyothing on was when my sister dressed me up and took me into public OMG i had alot of fun i was about 13 when she did that and then i have been buying  evrything ever since then. i go shopping just about every week now. any sugestions on something cute to get next time? well i just wante to share my story..
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CaraJ... what about dresses??? i would love help with those

First off, I want to say that your sister sounds like an awesome person and you are lucky to have her.<br />
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I love to shop and will go several times a week after work just to browse, it is a great past time even if I don't buy anything. Sometimes when I shop, I am fully dressed and other times, I just wear jeans and T-shirt but must have on at least panties, and camisole. I have a rule, no shopping for girls stuff if I am fully dressed as a man.<br />
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It is hard to suggest things you may want to buy since I don't know what you have. At summers end, you can usually get some really cute summer items for big savings. I love short jean shorts and pickup a cute pair in white two weeks for $8. Summer shoes are on clearance now too. <br />
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For fall, leggings are essential, tights to pair with a mini skirt and warm sweater on cooler nights are also great to have in the wardrobe and they come in really cute colors. <br />
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I just suggest you get out there and find something on sale that is cute and will complement your wardrobe.

Sounds great. Im a classic dirty old man, and i also love panties and bras. Sometimes i go to charity shops and buy a second hand bra, especially black silky ones, and take it home and ********** over it, black silky ones are best cos the ***** stains show better wen theyve dried in.. then i put it back in the shop so others can enjoy it aswell.