Classic Ladies Nylon Panties

I was born in 1950 and I grew up seeing all the girls & women wearing 'high-waisted' nylon panties- "they were being 'MODEST' by keeping their "private parts" UNSEEN by others.  I loved when the SEARS Catalog came, so I could look at all the ladies & girls lingerie--ESPECIALLY their PANTIES!! I began to wear them in my pre-teen years. Back then, laundry was dried outside on clotheslines. I even stole a pair of panties which I enjoyed wearing in private and *********** to ******, rubbing the silky material against my throbbing penis!! And I still wear them, to this day & I'm 62 yrs old. I LOVE WEARING LADIES LINGERIE, as much as possible( PANTIES are 24/7 PERIOD!)
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In our house in the UK the catalogues I remember were by Fattorini, Kays and Great Universal Stores. All carried wonderful collections of hosiery, shapewear and lingerie. Shoes and skirts took my developed tastes some years later!

yes,, in the years before the damn pantyhose came on the scene,, and what you saw under the mini skirts were white nylon brief panties and a garter belt with stockings!! now could you not want to wear those too??

I just so love full cut nylon or acetate panties and I too as a young boy loved fingering through the lingerie section of the catalogues delighted in the pretty things girls could wear...and so did I...and still do....Love Silky Full Cut Nylon Panties.

I do so whole heartly agree with all the responses to this wonderful story .

Full cut panties may have been one of the few options for women in the 40's and 50's but there a re still a lot of young attractive women who wear them today, as can be seen by such sites as Etsy. We can hope they gain popularity and those old soft silky fabrics once again drape themselves around beautiful female and male bodies.

I guess the reason that Vanity Fair still sells silky nylon full-cut briefs is that there are a lot of us who enjoy them as well. Panty On!

Lovely style the full cut panties.

i love any color, like matching panties to my mood. wish i had some vintage panties thats colored with different color trim, loved the red or pink with black trim. only been wearing them a few years but won't change

All the women wore white full cut high waisted panties. Occasionally my mom would wear beige ones. I guess I am just like my mom, I prefer white panties too.

Me I loved slipping into mom's silky full cut panties...I dress full when I can..and always still wear silky full cut Girl's Panties...years before the internet I would slip on silky panties, and often a bra, nylons and a slip or nightie and go through those catalogues...oh the it and still doing it.

absolutely, i still love to look in the sears cataloque. that is where i order most of my lingerie from. i love that profile pic you have also, i wish that was me wearing those panties