Shopping Trips

Last night I went to the mall to walk. Under my jeans I wore a Vanity Fair full slip and a pair of silky VF panties (full-cut briefs). The way the slip bunched up under my clothes felt very nice. I had a constant silky massage, so to speak. I didn't intend to buy anything, but wound up at Dillards, where I finally found something I had been looking for for a while - a silky camisole in a plus size to wear under my shirts. I also looked at a beautiful Miss Elaine gown with lace trimmed long sleeves (they had it in pink and pale blue), but didn't buy it. I have spent a bit too much on gowns lately and passed it by.

Today I had some errands to run and ended up back at Dillards. I was wearing my new camisole and a pair of my VF panties. I took the gown off the rack and held it to my body to see how it might look. This time I couldn't resist. I bought the pale blue one and am wearing it now. If you are familiar with Miss Elaine nightgowns, you know that the nylon is very sheer and super silky. It feels wonderful to wear, and I love the long sleeves trimmed in soft lace at the cuffs. I like to feel my arms through the silky sleeves.

I also went to Sears and bought rwo new pairs of VF panties in styles and/or colors that I didn't already have. They were on sale. The sales person was a lovely young woman, very nice and very friendly. I hope she figured out that I was buying the panties for myself. Some day I will find the courage and the right opening in the conversation to be totally open about who I am shopping for. I want to do it when the sales clerk is a pretty young woman.
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I urge you to do it, I have and it is so wonderful to interact with sale girls while shopping in male persona "you go girl" I would love to hear if you do

I love to shop wearing panties and other lingerie too.i don't know what size you are but sounds like you wouldl like the Serenda nylon and lace cami from Catherine's. Goes very nicely with a doubled- up pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau briefs. Don't forget a nice bra either! Have fun.

It truly is such a joy when one is able to go shopping or to work looking like their male self on the outside but fully encased in sexy silky feminine lingerie underneath! I've gone to work dressed as noted as well as shopping but oh how I dream of that time we are blessed with the full freedom and equality women now have to dress as we please without any chastisement or hypocritical comments being made by loved ones and others!<br />
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I dream of the day when we might be able to do this fully en-fem with heels clicking on the mall floor, silky skirts (or dresses) swishing against our nylon clad legs, breasts swinging in our silky bra under our silky blouse or dress, earrings swinging from our ears along with a pretty necklace falling thru our cleavage while our pretty hairdo bounces with each step!<br />
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I was helped once by a sales woman in Sears and it resulted in the gown I'm wearing under the satin robe in my profile pic. More pics of this outfit are available on my profile page.

I often go to the shops wearing a suit, but under it I am wearing silk french knickers, matching camisole, suspender belt and black stockings with a 1/2 silk slip, great sexy feeling.