Another Shopping Trip

I fell completely in love with the Miss Elaine gown I bought yesterday (I thought it was blue but turns out it is aqua - I figured that out becaues it didn't match my blue panties but looked exactly right with aqua ones). I loved it so much that I went back today to buy the other color (very nice pale pink - pretty sure it is really pink). The sales clerk recognized me and said "So you came back for another one. " I said yes and she said either "so you really liked it" or "so she really liked it." I thought she said the first one and replied "Oh yes."  I hope I was right.

These gowns are wonderful. The long sleeves are loose and trimmed with very pretty lace.

On my trip I wore under my clothes a pair of Vanity Fair silky panties, the camisole I bought yesterday, and my 30" Vanity Fair half slip. I felt very naughty.

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1 Response May 15, 2012

I love 14" half slpis and mini skirts