Shopping For Panties

I love going in the women's section of a store. I love seeing all the different styles and colors of panties. Especially Victoria Secrets, I love touching the different material cotton, silk, nylon, satin, spandex, and lace. I do not feel strange shopping for panties I have been wearing them almost my entire life. I feel that 95% of men have no idea what they are missing out on by not wearing panties.
shanleyalisha shanleyalisha
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

love it when they ask me " Are these for your wife or girl friend and I say no they are for me." I always look right into their eyes and enjoy the change of emotions they go through as they take in what I said. Never had a problem though. In fact I think I got better service.

I, too, am really hooked on Victoria Secret's panties - in all sorts of colors - I wear the XS low-rise cotton bikinis, and they tend to glimpse out the back of my super-super short shorts, or they can "accidentallly" show when I sit down. I used to buy them in the store too, and I've told people there that they are for me because I love the colors - and the responses have always been really positive.<br />
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I always wear contrasting-color panties with my short shorts, usually co-ordinating with my t-shirt - I just love it when they accidentally show "despite" my best efforts.