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On my last shopping trip to Macy's for some new panties. I arrived a few mins early. So I web shopped tip the doors opened. I went to the second floor to intimate apparel. Being early I was the only one there. Turning heading into the racks I see the sales prices 3 for 30. I start to look for size 7 vanityfair microfiber bikini, choosing pastel pink, red and black. Looking through another rack I see a cute a cheeky lace partial thong style. So I pick grey,hot pink and black. So many black panties smiles. My heartbeat picks up as it always does while shopping. Heading to the checkout the clerk in her late 30ies looks up saying are theses for you? Yes they are! in a proud crossdresser tone. She looked at me and smiled saying cute.
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I've written elsewhere on EP about some very positive panty shopping experiences. But I guess I've never been asked if they are for me because, in each case, the clerk in the department offered to help and I told them I was looking for size 5 in a full-cut panty and that's often difficult to find. I guess my being so specific pretty much let them know they were for me.

Thanks for your response it made me smile thinking I wish I was size 5 . Have a great day. Keri

Very nice story. They almost never ask if the panties are for you, even though they always know they are (as I talk about in my blog entry http://thehappysissy.blogspot.com/2011/12/shopping-for-panties-for-sissies-just.html). Your answer was perfect. Simple, direct, and most of all honest. Very nice.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

When I shop I like to ask the sales person whether the panties I am looking at run true to size, which often results in a question about what size is the lady I am shopping for. After that, the "guilty" excitement of disclosure and then sometimes a lot of interest and help and sometimes not so much.

Thanks for the story Keri, I always try to make sure salesgirls know I'm shopping for me, have used ladies dressing room to try on bra's, slips, skirts etc. I love the interaction at the store

Thank you all for your kind thoughts huggs

Surprised you were asked if the panties were for you. Seems you handled it well and enjoyed the experience, smiles.

I've never been asked if they are for me or not. I'm sure some of them have known.

I am usually with my wife, but when I go by myself... I am never asked who the items are for

This is how I shop all the time. If asked I always sy yes they are for me. Never had any problems with it either.