I Shop For My Darling Wife

I choose and purchase her panties and bras for day wear.

I built up a rather extensive collection of sleepwear and lingerie for my Darling Wife. I started with a chemise, a pair of sheer mesh panties and a short robe. I added other short gowns but the quality was lacking. I discovered vintage - classic styles - Olga Gowns - now there are over forty of these. Shadowline - a few, Lucie Ann - perhaps eight of them and assorted others in silks - there are more short silk gowns, satin gowns in various lengths, matching chemises and tap panties in satin and in silk. Teddies plus Olga shapers - panties - oh there are over a hundred pairs of panties - french knickers - tap panties, Olga briefs, Warners, vanity Fair, silk vintage pieces, string satin bikinis and more. The only problem is her lingerie chest is full of very pretty practical things as is a rack in our wardrobe -  so sadly I have to slow down shopping and live with the collection as it is - at least the choices that I made ere seemingly good ones because she approves of her pretty things.  

Oh yes for the good part - My Darling Wife likes my tastes and she wears these creations to bed - and while we make love in them each morning.
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I buy ALL of my wife's lingerie n she buys my panties.We shop together n joke about who wud wear what

I would love to buy all of my wife's lingerie. I have to settle for doing her washing every week. I take her dirty clothes out of the hamper, smell the dirty panties and put them in the washer. When washing and drying is complete I fold all her clothes and put them back in the chest of drawers.

I often wash her silks by hand, iron them and organize her lingerie drawers for her so she can select what she wishes to wear readily. I found her Lingerie chest - an antique hand carved rosewood chest and drawers and took her with me to buy it. She really liked having all her things in one spot in our bedroom. I love it as she selects what she will wear to bed each evening. it is like wrapping the gift of love. I even buy her bras now - things i think she will look pretty in. All great fun.