Here I go again. After being called early this morning that work was cancelled what's a girl to do SHOP! So I slipped on a hot pink thong and cami under guy things and head too the city. Being early not many people were out. I stopped by nordstrom. Did some looking but got cold feet for the store. Head out I wasn't ready to go home. I went into Macy my favorite.even thought the men's Dept was in the basement I rode the escalator up. Second floor was women's Dept but I was going one more to intimate apparel. Walking to the far end where there was numerous workers men and women stocking this morning.

After reading a blog link left on my page from jackiesissy (thanks Jackie) I knew they knew I was shopping for me. A nice saleswomen asked if she could help. She lead me to a rack with some new valentine mightiest. Looking at al the sexy things I wanted to buy them all but a girl cant have everything she wants now. So looking at some reds and pinks then drawn too you know that dam black. Cant help the way black things look on me. Looking at a shiny satin babydoll with white stitching at the bust i found my size. Turning I see a black satin and lace so why not intake that too.

She asked if I needed anything else I said this will be fine for now. But ill definitely be back. She handled me her card saying anything she can do to help me again (smilen). As she rung it up and folded them she said both nighties were sexy. Yes I think so too. Winking I hope she likes them I say I know she will. PS both fit great and I love them. Keri
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It was about a year ago that my wife and I went shopping at the mall. It was about 30 minutes until closing when we entered Fredericks of Hollywood. She wanted to find us a matching pair of crotchless panties. We found what we were looking for and the sales girl asked us if we needed anything else. My wife asked if they had a matching bra and the girl asked what size. I almost melted into the floor when she told the girl she didnt know what size it was for me.

The girl didnt even blink and came closer and told us that if we could wait til closing she would be happy to help me find a matching bra. We waited about 15 minutes and she locked the store. Took us to a dressing room and had me remoce my shirt and started measuring me. I guess I was sahking because she smiled and told me to relax, she has helped many men find lingerie in fact she has tried to get her husband to dress.

After a few minutes she left and came back with the matching bra and helped me put it on and helped adjust the straps. My wife stood there with a huge grin on her face. It looked and felt fantastic. I was shocked when suddenly she undid my belt and pulled my pants down and grabbed the new panties. She pulle my pants off and the panties I was wearing and then held the new ones for me to step into. It was my first pair of crotchless panties and I was so excited how thet felt. She adjusted my **** and balls in them and her and my wide stood back and lokked and tols me how great they looked. Her adjusting me caused me to get hard and again she shocked me when she grabbed me and stroked it a few times and again stood back and told me to finish. I know my wifee loves watching me ********** so I went ahead and did it and in a minute I was shooting my load all over the dressing room. She smiled and complimented me on the size of my load and began to remove the panties. I had messed them up good and she used them to clean me and thr dressing room up. She got me a clean pair and put them on me and took my old panties the the new ones for my wife and stuffed them in my bra so I would have some ****. I got dressed and at the counter as we paid for the new stuff she took some of their pink tissue paper and stuffed my bra so it was biger and now I looked like i had ****. I left my shirt open so my new bra showed just a little bit and we left the mall. I was so excited walking around with my stuffed bra pushing my shirt out. We left the mall and went thru a Starbucks drive thru to get coffe. I made sure My bra showed and was excited as the laides whispered to each other about me wearing a bra. my wife held my hand tightly as we sat there waiting for our coffee. The clerk at fredericks has become a good friend and calls us when any new sexy lingerie comes in.