The Friendly Cashier

Just yesterday while traveling through a nearby town I stopped at a JC Penney and selected a pair of panties and thigh highs. When I took them to the cashier to pay for them she grinned. As I was about to leave she said I bet you will look cute in those. I said that I hadn't thought about it as they were for my wife but if wanted me to model them I would accommodate her she said that she just got to work but maybe next time I'm in town. I asked for her number which she gave me but I have not called as of yet. Probably to good to be true.
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Great story! I've done some "shopping" to when I travelled and have gotten some similar looks when I was paying for my special purchases. But I have never had a lady ask me to model. Good Luck!

I love hearing about fun chance encounters like that.

unless you're with someone special, i would definitely check that out!

keep us up to date please

Call her she would'mf have givin you the number.! There are women that like it.! Life is short its only a phone call. I have gotten tons of questions over the years it takes a while to answer honestly but it gets easier and fun!

wow what is the hesitation??? I would have called that night or the next day for sure!!

I had a similar experience at a local JCPenney ! The salesgirls there are so helpful ! Didn't get any numbers but I did get to model some heels and hosiery for them !

I had a similiar event at (hate to admit this) walmart...I bought several packs of Hanes panties, both cotton and nylon. As I made my purchase, the cashier was eyeing the packages and glancing at me...finally asked "for you?" and I replied "of course!"..she smiled and told me they were pretty colors and to enjoy as I started to walk away...

I can so relate to this experience with female cashiers. I live in a small town and will now only use one outlet for my hosiery and lingerie. The sales assistant there now helps me choose outfits that will suit me!!