Second Pair

Yesterday I finally bought my second pair. I have been trying to get up enough nerve to buy them. I have been checking them out for a couple of weeks. I just had to do it. They are purple w/ black lace and black polka dots. Yesterday while I was at work I ******** down and changed into my new panties.
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i buy my panties at sears or k mart i like to go into nice girls panty store but dont have neve
today yellow boy shorts

Check out my blog series about shopping for panties for sissies. Hopefully it will help make it easier for you to bypass a few mistakes and begin to relax and enjoy it faster. Shopping for panties is fun! It starts with this one:

I bet your hart was in your mouth at the till. However the more you shop the easer it gets!
|I have a small stash, so I take my time before I get something new. I have made some sistake but it sall working out OK for now!!

Check out my pics I know have 8 pairs

The best way to feel comfortable about buying ladies underware first is to not care about what people think second is to just wear a wedding ring and everyone will think you are buying them for your wife. If you are not married buy a cheap knock off and wear it. If you are married and worried about her then just tell her they are more comfortable than mens. My wife bought that for years until I came out to her finally. Anyhow they sound like real nice panties and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed them.

nice. im sure it felt great to have them on at work. i like to wear a thong to work sometimes and it feels wonderful.

Yes it did going to do it again today.

enjoy yourself