Panty And Lingerie Shopping Experiences

I do love to shop for lingerie. Can remember seeing a rack of Olga panties over 30 years ago and getting a woodie. Ever since I get a rush out of looking at and feeling them just hanging there. It never fails to get my heart rate going and my face flushed, even broken into a sweat a few times.
Talk about being self conscious, well walking around racks of panties will do it. It seems like everyone is staring at you and when you bend over it's pretty obvious what you're doing. Luckily they have come up with color coding for the sizes on the tags or hangers. You can pick your panties quickly and stuff them into the other clothes you're carrying like a tee shirt.
I like to add other lingerie to my purchases so it's not obvious to the sales clerk. This time of year, Valentines day, it's easy to get away with buying anything.
Sometimes when it's slow and you're buying things for your wife too, the cashier will point out the differences in the sizes and ask if you're sure. It's sometimes quite embarrassing as I'm a xl and she a medium. Like if I'm buying a bra for myself, a 46b, and have also a medium sexy cami, she'll raise and eyebrow and smile. I like it when they start asking questions. For instances she'll say how pretty the night gown is and tell me that the matching panties are much bigger and is that OK. Then she'll say, are they a gift and would I like a box. I'll say yes and it's her birthday. She'll look at me and smile then ask what day is her birthday, trying to catch me in a lie. It's a fun game to play and my hands are shaking as I try to count out the money, and she's smiling the whole time.
Once I picked out like twenty panties that were on sale and a sleep shirt much smaller for the wife. The clerk rang up each panty and spread them out in piles for everyone to see and commented on how pretty this pair was and where did I find them. Finally bagging them she screws up the total and dumps them all back out and has to re-ring each one and now there is a line of ladies looking at you. Saying overly loud how pretty my panty purchases are.
Another time I was in Victoria's Secret, many years ago, and the clerk had rang up my scented bath beads and a couple pair of panties. As I was walking out I spotted something else and walked back and over heard the manager asking the clerk what I bought. She told the cashier they were most certainly for myself and it happens all the time.
Over the years, I've gotten more bold and now wear panties when shopping for them. Bending over looking at the racks adds a new dimension to panty shopping as you hear the laughs and comments from the ladies. I like to single out a nice looking milf and intentionally flash her my panties showing above my belt and watch her reaction.
Have never had a bad experience, knock on wood, and really enjoy it whether shopping for panties or just a couple two by fours.
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