No Fear

I've recently started shopping for panties, hose and, finally, my own bra. I have to say though that my favorite place is at the local Wal-Mart where they seem to have a great selection and great prices.

The first pair I bought for myself was at 4 in the morning because I was afraid to be in the isle looking through the racks with other shoppers. Since then I've become much braver and will shop whenever I happen to be in the store. When I finally found my own bra it was at 4 in the afternoon, peak shopping hour. And, since it was my first bra, I had to spend time looking at everything trying to find exactly what I was looking for.

The best part about the Wal-Mart though is the self check isle. I don't have to drop my purchase on the conveyor for everyone to see and then face a cashier. I can get my panties from basket to bag in under 5 seconds.
Rosso70 Rosso70
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Nice story Rosso! If you are interested I have a whole series in my blog about shopping for panties and lingerie. It starts with this entry:

Loosen up life is short who cares if someone sees you only you know its for you no one else knows. Have fun.!

Baby steps. I have to remind myself that Wal-Mart is full of a lot stranger things than men buying panties. : )

You are right on both accounts for sure. Have fun! Ps go to dressing room and ask for a room while holding only lady items its fun.! Shaking all the way!!!