I Love Shopping For Panties And Lingerie

When ever I go shopping for panties and lingerie, the clerks are jealous that a woman in the world have a man that will shop for lingerie for their woman. Now yes I do shop for her sometimes, but most of the time they are for me. Now I have many times spilled the truth just to see their reactions and told them that they are for me. Five of the clerks out of about 30 that I have told this to, have just melted and even helped me pick some out, the condition was only if they got to see me model them for them in the dressing rooms.
ninjastreaker ninjastreaker
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

I love shopping for lingerie and hosiery too ! It's an awesome turn on, even more so when the sales women realize that I'm shopping for myself as we'll as my gf !