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I first shopped online, but it was to expensive, so I started at K-Mart and then Walmart. I get thigh-hi's. slips and most cami's from Walmart and Hose from Sears. I've done a good job, I have over 50 pairs of panties and 40+ pairs of hoses.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Nothing like seeing and touching in person. What looks good online might not look so good when you get it. I shop mostly in person and thats the best way for me. I do like the interaction with the sales girls. Always get a smile out of them. Today I returned a sports bra my wife had purchased for herself and got a great big case of buyers remorse so I took it back for her and I could see that the sales girl would like to have ask me if it was mine but didn't ask and I didn't volunteer . I got a laugh out of that because I shop for myself their all the time.

I use to buy my knickers mail order, but that was a longtime ago now, I just go to the shops and buy what I want, sometimes staff ask if they are for my Wife and I just say no, they are for me, younger shop girls pretend they did not hear, but some of the older staff give you that knowing smile

ye s I have been that route it is far more satisfying buying your own frillies in a store