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When I can afford it, I'll spend close to $100 on VS lingerie.  So many different colors and patterns!  Most of the time, all I wear is Victoria's Secret briefs or bikinis.  At night, I sleep in a VS Canterbury gown because they're so warm, comfortable, and long.  I have a few of those, and some lighter ones for summer.  Most were on clearance too.

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Victoria's Secret is the best!!!

Alas 2009 was the end of an era VS no longer sells satin or silk panties. It appears that VS is focused on buyers in there early to late teens and just about taking care of the twenty plus young ladies. Those styles and fashion fabrics that men adore to touch feel and even wear are not a catalog item anymore. Less and less fabric, cheaper and cheaper quality and greater over the counter pricing. all n an era where fabrics and manufacturing are from low cost labor markets around the world. Even labels have given way to a simple indelible stamp.

Those wonderful models who strut the catwalks for VS deserve to be clad in better rags and those of us who once ogled and looked forward to wrapping our backsides in similar manner are left with no choice but look to other retailers for our thrills.

I know what you are saying here. I was in there for Valentine's Day and the quality I was looking at was not what they used to carry. They look pretty but the material/fabric is not soft and smooth. I get reviews from "He Wears Panties" and just saw a nice review of panties by Shadowline Nylon Hipster Panties. They look great. Contact me for the web site and I will give it to you. I don't know if we are allowed to show web sites here.

I add web sites to some of my posting. Why not, as long as it is, check this out, not GO BUY HERE!. and of course not ***** specific.

I understood Shadowline were out of business.

I have in some recent posting giving some great places for buying products I believe exceed the quality and sensuousness of Shadowline, vanity fair , Carole or Nancy King. Feel free to email .I will respond with a day or two.

VS has become very disappointing, from an aging male perspective. Even my wife does not shop there anymore.

The world turns! Here is a link to Amazon where they have Shadowline. Look like great panties and I hope to get some for myself. Join and you can get an email several times a week showcasing great panties for men. The site is a great source for men who enjoy wearing panties.

Thanks. I already subscribe to hewearspanties and I am a great fan of Hope Alexander ( The Writer). She has written some great articles and a book about men wearing panties. Check her articles out from her old blog.

Apparently Shadowline went into financial trouble in 2010 and the Brand was
acquired by Veliose Lingerie a Alan Rifkin company. If you like that sort of panties you should go to were you have all of the brands side by side at great prices.

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yesterday got a $26 pair of over priced panties for 98 cents

Where did you find them at that price? I've found some good deals at Ross Dress For Less for around $1.98 a pair. They offer some great discounts on great brands. No VS thought.

I too love VS, but my wife has trouble finding size 8 at our local store. They have lots of them on line but we like to see and feel and try before we buy. I wear a size 7 and have not trouble at VS finding something for myself. We have a much larger VS at the Mall of GA and goe there once and a while. I've found good deals at Belks, Ross Dress for Less and Kohls. Catch their sales and you can save a bundle. Ross Dress for Less has fantastic deals and I found about 10 pairs today for around $20.00. VS still all in all has the best selection and is our favorite store to shop at. We love the mid-rise made of satin with bright colors and some lace and ribbons. I love thongs and my wife loves for me to wear them; however she doesn't care to wear them because she doesn't like the feel of them.

I love clearance on panties, 70% of my panties came from those isles

I live in the UK and do have this store, but I spend far to much on my life long hobby of wearing SILK LINGERIE, I LOVE IT AND WILL NOT STOP, I have been wearing silk lingerie for around 40 years now and I love the feeling next to the skin. It is wonderful.

I'm averaging about $400.00 a year at Victoria's Secret. The girls love me there.

I love lingerie of all kinds myself! Confession: I buy when I do not have money either...