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Nude And Bra Pics

Having such a beautiful well developed wife, I get turned on by having my wife's friend's sons seeing her walking around in her nightie. Her large breast and nipples would just show in the transparent material.
Once I accidentally left my screensaver on my PC, showing pics from my picture folder of my wife in her bras and also her naked breasts. The boys would stare and once ask if I could show them more.
They loved it, and from that time onwards, I get turned on and often imagined if one of boys fantasing about my wife..
Will tell you more... soon
bigbooblover bigbooblover 31-35, M 5 Responses Sep 28, 2010

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so, so awesome. i love the thought of those boys wanking over her images. i love corrupting people, especially young people. me and my nympho **** gf **** in loads of public places, and quite recently got cheered by a bunch a teens in the park. i've also sent nude pics of my gf to a counsin's son. i love the thought of guys growing into filth loving pervs

mmmmmm,thats hot!!,the g/f's thong is always sticking out at home and in public,seen alot of young and old bulges in their pants,turned me on knowing she was getting perved

Mmmm id love to see her to...

mmm that is hot .. does she realise she is turning them on so much when she gets around in her nightie?

i bet those young boys r stroking their hard ***** remembering ur wifes big beautiful ****. i am stroking now looking at them!