Showing My Panties And Seeing Other Womens Panties Showing

I love wearing short skirts, summer dresses, short shorts, yoga pants or leggings that are so tight you can see the outline of my panties. I love wearing clothing that shows off my panties. Whether it be my panties peeking up over the waistband of my pants or shorts, or sitting down and giving a nice ******* view or the wind blowing up my dress giving a nice glimpse of my panties or wearing tight pants, yoga pants, or leggings that show off a nice visible panty line. Its such a turn on to know a guy is following you through the mall because your panties are showing, or that a guy is sitting by you so he can look up your skirt or dress, its such a turn on. Its amazing how long a guy will follow you when your panties are showing. And it also turns me on when I see a woman with her panties showing, yes I admit I have followed another woman just to keep looking at her panties showing, just gets me so wet to know the type of panties she is wearing and fantasizing about how they are pressed against her soaking up all her juices. Knowing how my panties get wet I wonder how many other woman are walking around with damp crotches. I also wonder how many women know there panties are showing like I do and don't do anything to hide there panties, I know I like the attention and it turns me on so other woman have to be doing the same thing. Being a woman with a panty fetish has it advantages I can have double the pleasure, I can not only get off on others seeing my panties but I can get off on seeing other womens panties and follow them, talk to them, and even stare and they are not bothered but it as they have no clue I am turned on seeing there panties. If only they knew how soaked my panties are seeing there panties peeking. Being a woman with a panty fetish I often look online at pictures, movies and cams of women in panties and love seeing them doing kinky things while wearing panties, panty sex, panty hand jobs, stuffing panties, panty blow jobs, and ************ while wearing panties. I have *********** many times while viewing, pics, movies and cams of other girls in panties there many times. Its not just you guys who get off on girls in panties.
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The crotch of my panties was moist today, too. It tickled my fancy, you might say.

Part of the joy of being a man who wears feminine undies is to make sure that one's panties show discreetly on occasion. I love the knowledge that the pantywaist peeks above my trousers and provides amusement for those around me. On the exterior, I am macho man but quite regularly plan a show of visible panty line through light trousers or the outline of a lacey bralette through a crisp whit dress shirt. Otherwise, what's the point of wearing nice undies?

Always love to catch glimpses of panties and panty lines

I am glad to find a girl who gets off on seeing as well as displaying. I always have my wife wear see-thru panties with her slip dresses and sometimes by wind accident and sometimes on purpose we let men..and women...get a good look at her hot ***** visible through her sheer panties. We were in a theater seeing a sexy movie and I was feeling her **** and playing with her ***** with my hand inside her panties. The guy sitting next to her was watching with delight. She got bold and leaned over and was giving me a great ******* and her dress had ridden up to where he could she her soaked panties. I pulled her dress up further for our viewing pleasure and he looked at me to see if it was ok to feel her *****. I indicated the ok and he slid her panties down about half way and began fingering her. My wife thought it was me being naughty until she saw both of my hands in my lap. She looked up at me to see if this was both for real and ok and I just smiled. She went back to sucking my ****. The guy had his **** out and was stroking it as her pumped three fingers into her. The armrests came up and I lifted the one between them and gave him a look that it was ok to put his **** into her. When she felt his **** sliding toward her ***** she not only did not flinch, she adjusted her *** up for a better target. He was completely inside her with one push and dumped a huge load into her in about one minute. I came seeing that and she sat back up pulling her panties back on in the process. We left a minute later and her panties were full of his *** that was draining out and she was extremely turned on by another mans *** filling her panties. She showed me when we got home and she layed on the bed playing with her *** soaked *****. She came about three times and then I ****** her with her panties still on, just pulled to the side, and dumped a huge second load into her. She slept with her panties on and fingered herself several times through the night. In the morning I ****** her again the same way and had to go to work. She said that she was going to leave her panties on all day full of ***. Later that evening she told me how glad she was that I let another man **** her and *** inside her. She admitted that she had had a few flings but always made her lover use a condom to eliminate *** in her panties. I told her that when she goes out and wants to **** some guy she has my permission as long as she comes home with her panties full of *** and all of the details. She now is ******* a lot of guys and I hear a lot of good stories. When I am at work her lovers now come over and **** her and sometimes are still there when I get home. I just wait until they are done and leave before I go in and get seconds. She is going to host a bachelor party at our house next week and ten to fifteen guys will be here and all will **** her but she said I could also **** her as long as I am last. She is kind enough to let me both watch and then get to put my **** into her sloppy *** filled **** complaints right!

Amazing story....i feel the same about showing off the underwear your wearing. i love it when i see a sexy lady with her panties peeking out above her jeans or turns me on so much! i personally let my boxer shorts show above my jeans all most all the time, for me its comfortable :)

Loved the story. I get really turned on when wearing really see through shorts/pants knowing that my undies are clearly visible to everyone.

It is so arousing to see a girls panty lines and the mystery of what kind they are wearing and seeing them ride up above their wasteband it is so sexy!

38 just in 1 drawer. 2 roller boxes under the bed and 3 drawers in the closet..How many I wonder?? Love your avatar but would love to see you even more!! Enjoy shopping! Cheers AB

Were you ever being approach by a horny guy trying to see something more?

so tell me what he would want to see more of?