Just last week I went to a friends house for a week. They have a 12 year old daughter who is very long and slender. Perky tiny **** and all. I learned that angle that one would have to stand to see through the crack in the door of the room I was staying in, and where exactly to stand. That evening after work we went to get ice cream (she and I, walking). I said "let me change my pants first", very matter-of-factly. I was already very excited and went into my room. I left the door cracked about 1 12 inches and took off my pants. I was not wearing underwear and my semi-hard **** was hanging right where she could see it through the door. Of course I pretended not to notice. I took me time getting my other pants ready and just let my **** hang out there swelling for a minute or so. Then I put my pants on and walked out of the room, only to find her head darting inside the bathroom from the perfect view of that open door. I love that idea that a young girls curiosity drives her to look at my ****.
    In a previous visit I found her DS in that bed I was supposed to sleep in. I thought I could pretend to fumble around with it, on RECORD, while I have a raging, glistening hard-on. So that it had brief glimpses of my engorged ****, that looked accidental. Then I could return it to her and say " hey, I found this in the bed. It was turned on and i didn't really know how to work it so I just hit the off button and came to give it back to you. I hope the battery is not dead" Then she could get some footage of a **** to replay and pause to examine anytime. But I thought it was too much, so I erased that vids that I made.
   I did sleep w the door open in hopes that she would got to the bathroom at night, and I could turn my light on and stroke it nice and slowly for her to see when she came out. that opp didn't come either.
   One can dream though.
madendlesss madendlesss
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hey exciting story ive done that several times