I Love Flashing

I like to show my penis to girls.  Sometimes I'll make it look like an accident, and some times it will be blatant.

MHagar MHagar
11 Responses Jul 10, 2008

i have flashed at a lot of girls....i find places which are less crowded and then when a lonelyy girl passes by i pretend to **** and i love the reaction i get some girls turn around and look some ignore and i enjoy that..but yah the feeling and adrenalin rush is awesome....is anything wrong in doing it?

I go out at night and find girls leaving bars, I follow them to see where there going and if the time is right I get ahead of them and ***** naked, I wait for them to get closer to where I decide to hide and them walk out in front of them butt naked.....<br />
<br />
I have flashed at so many girls can`t even remember 90% of them lolol

A few days back I saw 2 girls sitting on a bench in the park, it was real quite and no one else around, I ******** naked and got my d*ck hard and started to **** off, I walk up behind the girls and once I was ready to c*m I walk around in front of them and fired my c*m, I hit both girls in the face with my hot c*m and they both screamed and run off, It was just so good, I had not c*m in a strangers face before but I will be doing again, Maybe one day I will get it in a girls mouth LOLOL

i remember nearly all my best lol

i love it. infact showing my penis is now better than sex. i get so turned on and the adrenalin is amazing

i like being naked to but being that my penis is small i ussually got laughed at

thats awsome ill have to give it a go

thats awsome ill have to give it a go

where do i sign up! ever get a bj outta this?

where do i sign up! ever get a bj outta this?

Sounds like fun!

Unreal never thought of that one!

i get my **** out most saturday nights around the local nightclubs. between 1am and 3am there are loads of drunk girls on their way home. i try to get walking in front of them and I will pretend i am drunk and need a pee. i then just get my **** out and make sure they see it. It is better if there is a group of girls so they then egg you on to give them a proper flash. I have had girls asking me if they can watch me **** myself off until i *** and they love it. i sometimes get a couple of girls who will flash for a flash and i then get to see some boobs or a ***** flash.

thats awesome ive done that but never been asked to **** or flashed at