Keepin It Friendly

I have showed my **** to about all my girlfriend's friends at one time or another after she usually goads me into it by some method.  I was cleaning our apartment one time, wearing a shirt and my boxers when she came home and had one friend with her.  I felt I was covered just fine.  The girls sat down on the couch and I kept cleaning.  Out of nowhere she said something like "that's all your wearing?"  And I said "Yeah, I'm covered" And she told me I should look into putting something else on.  Without hesitation I said "how about this?" And turned to her friend and pulled up the leg of my boxers so my **** and balls flopped out.  I let them hang there for a good long flash and then went to get more dressed.  Now this particular friend still doesn't know this but years before that when they lived in the dorms I saw her naked.  She was changing over in my peripheral vision and I would always put up my hand to act like a horse's blinders when she did.  She thought that way I couldn't see her, but l could see fine between my fingers.  She whipped off her pants and panties so fast I didn't get a look down there, but she lingered a bit more taking off her shirt.  Finally she did and then worked at unhooking her bra.  She had great sized breasts, too,   I would guess a 40D or so here.  She was heavy but not really too overweight.  Finally her bra came offf and she exposed those luscious full round boobs.  Her areola were perfectly round and tan and her nipples were erect tiny columns.  Then she leaned over to pick up her robe and those boobs just hung off her chest so beautifully I wanted to cup them in my hands.  Then she tossed on her robe and went on her way.  It was hard to hide my ***** from that.

    Another time and with another friend, we were sitting in the living room when my wife got a wild hair and dared me to run around the house naked.  She knew I would, so of course I did, twice.  But the whole time her friend was in the living room, facing away from the windows and paying no attention at all!  So after my second nude lap I walked right in the hosue still naked, walked right up to her and said "you aren't even paying attention!"  I'll just say she noticed me after that.  When she left later she did thank us for the interesting evening.


   With a different friend, she came over to our place and I was naked and just pretended I didn't hear the door or my girl answer it and walked up our hallway to the bedroom where l got my clothes on.  I didn't acknowledge the friend but I know she saw.  These girls are all still friends of ours

leakeyrodent leakeyrodent
31-35, M
Feb 27, 2010